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Rajcza - a village situated in a picturesque valley, which surround - from the south Hutyrow (744 m), from the west massif of Mala Fun (798 m) and Fun (823 m) from the northeast biggest - Sucha Gora (1040 m) and from the east Compel (666 m) and Wolf Gron (668 m).

Rajcza is the seat of the municipality, is located here post office, health center, pharmacy, railway station. It has convenient transport links to all the villages belonging to the commune Rajcza and villages of the municipality Ujsoly. Stad quickly you can get to Zywiec, Bielsko and Katowice. It houses the bank, a restaurant, shops, ski rental, room Environmental and Cultural Centre, which in season organizes weekly summer festivals combined with the presentations of folk bands and groups festynowych. End of August Harvest festivals are held municipal, being the event of a folkloric. During the harvest festival is a presentation of individual villages, which can issue a stand with regional dishes and present their artistic achievements. Recommendable are also the Days Rajczy also organized in August and the International Ski and nationwide rally peasant who is the biggest communal party. The rally is organized in the third week of January.

There are several versions explaining the origin of the name of the village. The first version says that the name comes from Rajcza difficult to identify the top "Rajcza", on the slopes of which grazed the sheep, where he also built his farm peasant called Rajcza. According to another version, the name of the village comes from the top Raca or Rajcza, which constituted a boundary point between you ┼╗ywieckim, and Hungary. This was the area in question, about who fought numerous battles. According to legend, in order to resolve any disputes brought from Hungary to the top of the mountain a few barrels of wine and they spilled their contents. Stream spilled wine were to eventually asked to decide boundaries between contending parties. In remembrance of this event and the wise decision of councilors, gore called Rajcza. Rajcza name trying to connect also with the names of Mala and Velka Raca or Radeczka. There are also suspicions, and this is the topographical name created from the old Polish word "paradise," "raja", meaning marsh. To this was added the suffix of the word 'ca' and in this way, the name Rajcza.